I'M maria!
horse MOM, PHOTOGRAPHER, + dreamer

The biggest passion in life is my horse. I show competitively in a sport called Eventing, which is basically an equestrian triathlon. This sport is highly addictive so when I’m not spending my weekends shooting weddings, you can usually find me at a horse show. Beyond horses, I’m obsessed with all animals and would seriously rescue all the unwanted animals of the world if I could but for now I’ll settle for my yellow lab, 9 barn cats and two horses. 

I have the best tiny person for a daughter named Emerley. She was born in September 2020 and has seriously changed my life for the better. She's silly and her giggles are infectious.

I love craft beer, junk food and football. Darks, sours or fruits are my top three and yes, I’m a forever Lions fan, no matter how many times they lose. I blame my dad. :) I love books and my collection has outgrown my two massive bookcases. Half of them came from my grandma which makes them even more special to me. I love going antiquing with my mom. We could easily spend any entire weekend treasure hunting and never get bored. 

I’m a happy-go-lucky person. I smile and laugh a ton, and love being around people that are equally as happy. I have a kind heart that I largely wear on my sleeve. I’m a good listener and strive very hard to make everyone around me as happy as possible - which sometimes a blessing and a curse but I believe it has made me a better businesswoman and friend. 

I believe some of the best conversations happen over good food so let’s hang out over your favorite snack, get a drink and chat all about your big, big plans. 

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